10 Best Solar Powered Generator Kits – 2019 Reviews

best solar powered generator

Solar powered generators have become increasingly popular over the last few years, and there’s a good reason that’s happening. That’s because these devices are extremely useful for people to take with them while they’re camping, and they are also extremely well suited for a number of different emergency situations. They are also a tool that can easily be placed into a car or RV and is ready to supply clean power.

Top 3 Recommendations

Best on a BudgetBest SellerBest Quality
Webetop 155Wh 100-WattPAXCESS 151Wh 100-WattRockpals 222Wh 250-Watt
Webetop 155Wh 100-WattPAXCESS 151Wh 100-WattRockpals 222Wh 250-Watt
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When most people take a good look at their energy needs for emergency preparedness or for camping, they realize that a solar generator is a tool that would probably work wonders for them.

If only they could find a model which suited their needs. That’s where we come in. We wanted to introduce people to the best solar generator models and tell them how these devices can make their lives easier and safer.

Best Solar Generator Reviews

#10 Alikasala 200-Watt Solar Generator Power Station

Generator Power Station, 200Watt Portable Home Camping Emergency


Capable of being charged by a separately-sold solar panel, this unit can provide up to 200-watts of power to anyone who needs a portable source of power when they’re on the road or camping. This device has 4 USB outputs, one DC output, and one 110-Volt AC outlet.

This allows this product to power everything from smartphones and electric fans to lighting and laptops. It’s also equipped with a number of features which make it safe to use including overload protection, over-current protection, over-voltage and over-temperature protection and protection from short circuits. Also equipped with a compass and an LED flashlight, this unit is a great addition to any camping or road trip.

#9 Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 240


With the purchase of a separately-sold 50-Watt solar panel, this power station is capable of being recharged using only the power of the sun. It can be recharged using a solar panel in only 10-hours or from an AC wall outlet within 8-hours. Once fully charged, this product will supply 240-watts of power. That’s power that can be used to keep mini-fridge, string lights and other accessories running while boating, camping or on the fishing dock.

This product weighs under 7-pounds and has a handle that allows it to be carried just about anywhere. It features a 12-Volt car cigarette lighter port that can operate a pump or a travel cooler, a 110-Volt AC for a TV or a laptop, and two USB ports that can be used to power smartphones or tablets.

#8 Wegner Portable Generator With Solar Panel


For an inexpensive generator kit, this product has a surprising array of features. It not only comes with one 6-Watt solar panel, but it also comes with one remote control, one 5-in-1 USB cable, one AC power cord, three LED lights and a user’s manual.

This unit has two USB outputs, four 3.7-Volt outputs, an SD card slot, a built-in FM radio and flashlight, and a USB MP3 socket. While this unit won’t power any heavy-duty appliances or provide more than the power needed for hiking, fishing or hunting expeditions, it is powerful enough to power some lights, a fan and maybe a computer for a period of time.

#7 Easy Focus Portable Power Station 200 Watt


Although this generator doesn’t come with a solar panel, and that has to be purchased separately, this unit does have a number of features which make it quite useful. It can be used with a number of different sizes of solar panels, from 60-Watt up to 100-Watts, and when charged will provide the user with up to 200-Watts of high-capacity power.

This is a power source that can be used to run all kinds of electronics including tablets and smartphones or can be used for small appliances. This device has three 110-Volt AC outlets, four DC outlets, and four USB ports. It’s also extremely portable and only weighs around 5.2-pounds, which makes it easy to take anywhere.

#6 Suaoki Portable Power Station 150-Watts


Equipped with two AC outlets, four DC ports, one QC3 USB ports and three regular USB ports, this generator is capable of powering a number of different appliances and electronics. It can power laptops, smartphones, CPAP machines, small office appliances, tablets, cameras and even drones.

It weighs under 3-pounds and is only 7.3-inches by 4.3-inches by 4.7-inches, so it can be taken just about anywhere. It can be used with either a 60-watt or 100-watt solar panel, both of which are sold separately. Sunlight isn’t the only way to charge this portable generator, however. It can also be charged by plugging it into a wall outlet for 8-hours or through a 12-Volt car outlet.

#5 Isunpow 155-WH Generator Power Inverter


This 42000mAh 100-Watt power station is a great companion for anyone who needs a reliable source of power for their next camping or hunting trip. It’s equipped with three DC outlets, a universal AC outlet, and three USB outlets. This allows this unit to power mini-fridges, CPAP machines, electric razors, LED lights, and tablets.

It can also be used to charge smartphones and is easy to carry from place to place. Although it doesn’t come with a solar panel because that’s sold-separately, this unit can also be charged using a wall outlet and comes with a power adapter for that purpose. It also comes with a car charger for charging via a car’s 12-Volt adapter.

#4 Paxcess 100-Watt Generator Power Station


Able to be charged within 8 to 12-hours using a solar panel (sold separately), this unit can provide up to 100-Watts of power. This is electricity which can be used to power CPAP machines, smartphones, DSLR cameras, running light and a variety of small appliances. All of which makes it an extremely useful tool for camping or for when the power goes out.

It contains two 110-Volt AC outlet inverters, three 12-Volt DC ports, and two 5-Volt USB ports. If the user doesn’t want to buy a separate solar panel, then they can also charge this unit using a wall outlet, and it will charge in approximately 8-hours using this method. This makes this product useful for anyone who wants to remain prepared for the unexpected.

#3 Webetop 100-Watt Generator Power Inverter


Using a solar panel which can be purchased separately, the user can charge this unit’s 155WH 42000mAh lithium-ion batteries that can be used at a later time to generate the power needed to run a number of different items. Some of the things which can be powered off of this unit include smartphones and tablets, laptops, Christmas lights, small televisions, and fans.

This unit has a 110-Volt AC outlet, three 12-Volt DC ports, and three 5-Volt USB ports. This unit is not only capable of being recharged by the sun, however. It can also be charged by plugging it into a wall outlet for 8-hours and can also be charged using a 12-Volt car adapter. And since it only ways 3.5-pounds, this unit can be taken almost anywhere. The last feature worth talking about is the built-in LED flashlight which can be used in case of an emergency.

#2 Acopower Portable Sun-Powered Generator


This gas-free generator is designed to give the user the power they need to power their important devices during a power failure or while out camping. This product can be charged using 30-watt or 60-watt solar power panels, both of which are sold separately, and can also be powered using a home AC wall outlet or by charging it with a car.

It can power an LED light for 5-hours, a CPAP machine for up to 1.2-hours or an electric fan for up to 4-hours. This unit can also be used to power laptops for approximately 2.5-hours and a mini audio unit for up to 20-hours. It’s a portable unit that only weighs 3.3-pounds and is easy to take everywhere.

#1 Rockpals 250-Watt Portable Generator


It’s pretty easy to see why Rockpals is a name that comes up again and again in solar generator reviews. That’s because this company provides quality products that work as they are designed to work. Take this unit, for example. This product is designed to provide 250-Watts of continuous power or 300-Watts of maximum surge Watts when it’s needed the most.

It’s an ideal emergency backup for home use but is portable enough to be taken on the road and used for traveling or camping. This solar generator can be used to power everything from TVs and lights, to CPAP machines, fans, and smartphones.

Although it can be charged using a solar panel, it doesn’t come with one, and the user has to buy it separately. However, that still doesn’t detract from the fact that this unit is still one of the most useful solar units available for emergency use.

Tips on Buying a Solar Generator Kit

portable solar generatorMany people are attracted to the idea of buying a solar powered generator because they feel that it’s not only a cleaner option that can help protect the environment, but it is also an option that would help them become more independent in their daily lives.

After all, when you can power your basic tools with nothing but the power of the sun, then you are no longer tied down to the power grid.

You can go wherever you want, nothing can beat that freedom.

However, while the idea of owning one of these generators is generally a favorable one, many people hesitate because they feel intimidated by the technology itself. And while that’s quite understandable, it doesn’t have to be the case.

Once you get past the techno-jargon associated with this technology, solar generators are actually pretty easy to understand. To prove that point, we’re going to give you some pointers which will help you choose a generator that’s right for you.

Determine Your NeedsKeep it RealDetermine Wattage NeedsFigure Out Needed Accessories

Everyone is different and unique. Yes, that statement may be an obvious cliche, but it’s also very true. A solar power generator that works is suitable for someone else may not be suitable for you and vice-versa. That’s why it’s important to evaluate your personal needs.

Once you know your power needs, and whether you need your generator for camping, tailgating or for home backup use, then you can determine what size generator you really need. If you only need one for camping, then your power needs are going to be drastically different from someone who is trying to create a backup for parts of their home.

The one thing that you should keep in mind when choosing one of these generators is that they aren’t miracle workers. They have a limited capacity that is set by the number of watts they can provide.

In other words, if you think that a 150-Watt generator can power your home during a shutdown of the power grid, then you are really going to be disappointed. Realistically, with a unit that size, you may be able to power some lights and some phones. If you need to power more than that, then you are going to need to get a unit that has significantly more wattage.

Before you can determine the size of your generator, you are going to have to figure out how much power you need it to produce. And to know that, you have to know the wattage of the devices you want to power. This can easily be ascertained by either consulting a list which has all of the information readily available or by checking the label on your device. Most devices manufactured today have their wattage usage printed on their labels.

Once you’ve figured out the total watts of the items you need to power, you then need to figure out the Average Daily Watts. You can figure that out by multiplying the number of Watts your device uses and multiplying by the number of hours you want to run that device. Now you know the daily requirements you need the product to produce.

Not every solar generator for home use sold is complete. With some of these models, you’ll have to buy the solar panels or other pieces of equipment separately. This can result in what seemed like an inexpensive model becoming quite expensive very quickly. Always determine everything the model comes with and make sure that it fits your needs.

Now that we’ve gone over reviews and talked about what it takes to buy one of these units, it can be clearly seen that it’s not difficult to choose one of these products for personal use. A product that will see you through all power outages and storms, and can be used for all of your camping needs. Now, all you have to do is choose one that fits your lifestyle, and you’re ready to go.